Trying to identify a Japanese noise artist
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I'm trying to identify a Japanese noise artist who uses analog electronics (light bulbs, motors, record player based sequencer, etc.) to create really loud and grating music.

I was at a conference in 2005 at the Banff Centre where he performed as part of a ambient sound/music performance series. I've googled like crazy and cannot find him or anyone like him in terms of performance style. His gear reminds me of the 8-bit live music scene except that it was all analog sources with lots of feedback and really, really loud. Any ideas or leads?
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A friend of mine is into this kind of music, so I asked him who he could think of that might be described like this:

"Hmm… tough one. There are a number of artists it could have been, but I can’t find anything about any of them coming to Banff.

It would make sense to be the Banff center. I would recommend he contact them. I’m sure they would have the info.

If he is interested in hearing Harsh Japanese Noise music, there is a lot to choose from. Merzbow, Aub, Massona, CCCC, Otomo Yoshihide. It may actually have been Otomo… don’t know though.
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Keiji Haino?
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My first thought was also Aube.
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I'm also thinking Aube, but only because that's the only "Japanese noise + sampled objects" musician I know of. He did record an album or two that was entirely light bulb samples. Probably a bunch of others do this sort of thing as well.
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My first thought was Aube, too. Here's a live video from 2001. Does it ring any bells?
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keiji haino is pretty much guitars and feedback loops. probably not. aube is a likely candidate. could be ryoji ikeda since he was touring in 2005, but his gear is a laptop and it was likely you never actually saw him on the scene of the performance. could it be merzbow? he fits the bill.
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The Japanese guy in the video at this You Tube URL is called Atsuhiro Ito, playing a fluorescent light tube guitar he calls the OPTROM. Maybe it's him?

His site...
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Well, thanks to everyone who answered, but those weren't the right people. However, asking the question made me hit the google wheel again and this time I struck gold!

The artist I was trying to remember is called Ujino and he now has a youtube channel with some of his performances. This video is from the performance I attended 5 years ago in Banff. You'll have to turn it up really loud to fully appreciate his style!
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holy shit that's cool. thanks for this thread. had never heard of him before.
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