VS project from existing VSS database
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How do I create a Visual Studio project from an existing SourceSafe database?

I have a SourceSafe database containing a number of loose script files. I'd like to create a "Project" for them in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, so that I can take advantage of Visual Studio's built-in SourceSafe integration. But everything about VS seems to be set up with the assumption that you're creating files in VS and moving them into SS from there, rather than the other way around. The obvious approaches all seem to create new sub-folders in SourceSafe with their own copies of the files.
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I am not sure that I understand 100%...
Can you not simply extract copies of the scripts and create the project.
Then save the project under source control?
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So it would be something like the following
1.) Check out the files using the SourceSafe client to a directory
2.) Use Visual Studio to create an empty project in that same directory as #1
3.) Use VS to add the existing files to the VS project
4.) Use the SourceSafe client to as the VS project file to SourceSafe
5.) Now use VS's VSS client to check out a new copy of the project locally and work at will

Someone has to say it, so it might as well be me: VSS is awful and buggy and you should strongly consider using another source code control tool. There are many including free choices that have VS integration.
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