Who is leading the fight against coal?
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In his book Storms of My Grandchildren, James Hansen makes the case that phasing out coal is the most important thing for humanity to do, to reduce the chances of catastrophic climate change. As such, my question is this: which organizations in Canada and the US are doing the most to advance that aim, both domestically and internationally?

Note: I am not interested in anyone's personal views on the nature of climate change, coal, James Hansen, or anything else. Just an answer to the narrow question.
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Apologies if you already read it, but the Wikipedia page on "Fossil Fuel Phase-Out" contains some nifty info, including links to active NGOs as well as energy firms that have already decided to suspend new coal plants and switch to other technologies.
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Here is a great piece by the NRDC on the issues of "clean coal" that might have some information pertinent to your question.


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