Getting data from my bank account into Quickbooks?
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OwnershipSocietyFilter: Is this $50 trinket really the only way to get data from my bank account (Quicken Interchange Format) into Quickbooks? Intuit would like me to make a not-free call to ask the same question...
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One of two that I could find via a decent Google. It does appear, however, that the gnuCash project is close to having one, and it'll be a freebie.
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File-->Import-->QIF file on Quicken Home & Business 2002.
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Response by poster: thanks ednooantz - but we're talking quickBOOKS
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Here's a couple of possible solutions...con: they're not free; pro: they're not $50 ($22 and $24.95, respectively).
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Doh! There should be some kind of lockout on the keyboard until after the coffee is done brewing.

I can't belive that QB can't do something so basic and useful. OTOH, the guys at Big Red are decent folk who deserve our $$. I complained about a piddly thing with their xls-->QIF tool a while back and got a developer responding in under an hour...and I wasn't even a registered user.
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