Help me show her how beautiful her country is!
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South Korea Valentine's filter: I live in Seoul and want to do something special with my girlfriend but the problem is...

...that it is also Lunar New Year of which causes traveling mayhem and lots of traffic jams. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any special things we can do. I am Canadian and she is Korean; therefore, I would like to introduce her to something that she isn't too familiar with. We have two days to enjoy.


P.S. Extra points for gift suggestions that do not include handbags or shoes~
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Come on down to Jeju island, if she's never been, it's quite fantastic...but perhaps better
for a summer trip.
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There is a great park down here called "loveland" for couples...very sexy.
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the han river is really pretty at night with its many colored can take a boat cruise and watch the city float by or just walk on the many paths by the river...perhaps find an unoccupied bench and make out? sigh i miss korea...
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A few things:

1) You know that Valentine's Day, in Korea, is about the woman doing something for the man, right? White Day is the day you do something for her.

2) Don't travel during LNY, especially this year. You'll regret it.
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smorange is entirely correct. Also, won't she be spending most of Sollal with her family?

To answer your question, how about something wintery? If the ice rink at the Hyatt Hotel is still open, it's very romantic (and has 2-for-1 'couples night' on Monday this season).

Or go to one of the ski resorts (I think you can get most of the way to Vivaldi Park by train, thus avoiding the traffic jams) and have fun learning to ski or snowboard.
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I did the same thing this year! Totally late with the answer here, but: We went to the AA design museum/coffee shop in Hongdae, then over to Cacao Boom (Just a few blocks away) for real chocolate. Wandered about for a bit. Went to Seoul Tower, came down into Itaewon and dinner at Chef Meili.
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