If only they packaged kumquats like pears.
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Where can I find stretchy tubular webbing or netting with approximately a quarter-inch diameter? I need this for airbrushing a snakeskin pattern.

I'm airbrushing a snakeskin pattern onto a 2.5 foot cone that tapers from about a quarter inch up to about 1.5 inches (okay, it's a rifle barrel). I could use flat webbing or mesh, and just wrap it around, but then I'd have a seam. I'm too much of a perfectionist for this to be acceptable.

I've looked at medical dressing webbing, but it's not really small enough to hug the cone at the small end--it would slip around as I manipulate the object for painting. I eventually found some webbing that's used to cover conveyor belt rollers, but the smallest diameter I can find there is half an inch.

I have some pinstriping tape on order, so that I can manually construct the scale pattern if need be. But, I'd really prefer to have some sort of tubular netting to use as a stencil. Building it out of pinstriping tape is easily three or four evenings' worth of labor. I'd like to save myself the trouble.
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Hmm, my suggestion would be to head down to your local fruit market / green grocer and see if they have any of the stretchy netting that is used to protect fragile fruit in transit.
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Heh, I didn't even see your title before typing my answer. Seems like you already know about the fruit protection thang.
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Maybe the florist has some of that stuff they put on rose buds to keep them from opening?
Like the stuff this tubular net packaging machine makes.
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Crinoline cyberlox?
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I pulled apart my shower sponge, you know, those pom-pom things that you use with shower gel. It's tubular and, depending on the kind you find, may have the diameter you want.
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Best answer: What you want is called "tubular crinoline", often used for cyberlocks. I can only find it in bulk on the net, but you ought to be able to get smaller pieces cheaply from a local millinery or sewing supply shop.
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Best answer: Is an elastic polyethylene mesh sleeve what you're looking for ?

For example, McMasterCarr part number 5969K21
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