Ammonia odor in urine after hard exercise?
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Why does my urine often have a strong smell of ammonia after a really hard run/jog?

I had a great 5 mile run on Monday but a killer hard 3 mile'r yesterday.
I'm a post menopausal, vegetarian female
I've noticed that when I have a really hard, miserable run I often have an ammonia like odor - in the summer it is all over but in the winter -just the urine.
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dehydration concentrates it - hydrate yourself
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This is really common and caused by tissue breakdown. You're smelling nitrogen. I get the same thing when I'm doing a lot of strength training or when I've been sick and not eating properly.
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Yep, burning muscle it is...You need to up your carbohydrates and drink more.
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Response by poster: Sorry for the duplicate question - I swear I did two searches before posting this! I guess I didn't adequately analyze the results which were listed alphabetically.
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