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Any vacation recommendations for young couple looking for a romantic but exotic vacation in either North or South America on a budget?
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When you say "on a budget" do you mean $1000/person or $5000/person? How long do you have? Where are you starting from? Are you looking to lie on the beach or go to museums or both?

Off the top of my head, I'd recommend Lago Atitlan*, in Guatemala. The most beautiful place I've ever been, very relaxing and inexpensive and culturally very rich.

I didn't stay in this hotel, but I visited it and it was stunningly beautiful. If I ever get married, I want to have my honeymoon there!
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Response by poster: Sorry, low on details. 1 week. $1000/person would be great but will to go higher. Looking to do a mix of something exciting with something relaxing (ie hike for a few days and then lie on a beach for a few days)
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A lot of my romantic trips revolve around a lovely hotel room.

A friend and her husband really liked Korakia Pensione in Palm Springs.

The Gallery Inn in San Juan Puerto Rico is in the lovely older part of town and close to amazing beaches.

New Orleans can be a wonderful romantic place and economically reasonable. The Frenchman and it's sister hotels, Marigny and the Lamothe house can be a little loud to some but I think that part of the city is rather vibrant and find it romantic. Nothing like strolling through that side of the French Quarter with your lover. I don't know how pricey it is but the Columns is lovely, and in a quieter part of town, the Garden District.

I also love Marfa, Texas. Beautiful and romantic, a magically part of the country for certain. Lots to do around there - check earlier askMe's I know it's been mentioned a lot. The Thunderbird, the Paisano, or the Gage in Marathon are all great places to stay.

Verde Camp in Austin is very cool.

Ragged Point is on a glamourous cliff on the coast of California.

Places I haven't been yet but are on my list:

Hotel Casa 425
Casa Bentley in Baja
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I've heard that Montreal is very European and cosmopolitan. My wife and I are planning on going there in July for her birthday.

There is a lot of good information about the city on AskMe.
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Regarding dog food sugar's comment, we stayed at the Frenchman for our honeymoon.

It's a pretty old establishment that hasn't seen much renovations/updates in quite some time. Therefore, don't go there expecting a super-nice place. But you know what? We saved money by staying there (we got a deal for $60/night through, and it was close to everything (plus they offered free parking, which - to me - seemed like an awesome deal, since we were there for five days and didn't have to think once about our car, since we just walked around the whole trip).

What I'm trying to say is don't expect too much from the Frenchman, but it's a great place to stay because it frees up your money to be spent on better things (like the awesome food in NO!).
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I've recommended this before, but it's so good that I'm coming in to second lunasol's recommendation: Guatemala.

You have the option of chilling on ocean or lakeside beaches, hiking (on volcanoes, if you want), checking out Mayan ruins, exploring colonial architecture, hanging out in hammocks, ziplining through an old coffee plantation, watching the sun set from a hot tub, etc., etc., etc. It's nothing short of awesome.
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