Legit math sites for kids!
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Legitimate math websites for k-5 students.

I'm tasked with contributing to a compilation of websites that help reinforce math concepts in grades k-8. I'm familiar with the library of virtual manipulatives and mathforum.org, but I need more in the same vein. Ideally, the sites would not be trying to sell me or students anything and would be sponsered by some sort of legitimate organization. Teachers, parents, anyone, what are your favorite math/logic/puzzle websites for kids?

also, I've searched through a few related threads but nothing seems to hit the nail on the head.
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I don't have any websites to give you, but when choosing what to present to the children, please keep this in mind.
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I would be failing my math class this semester (since my last math class was about fourteen years ago) without purplemath.com.
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Math Midway is more of an event, but their site has a few puzzles and some neat pictures.
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Here are some that our technology teacher put together for K-5. Choose the grade and then the subject and it will link to different sites. You can also find a link to other school's portaportal page and they also have some good math sites listed.

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I like aplusmath.com.
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You might find Khan Academy useful.
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Space Math @ NASA
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Math is Fun
Math TV
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