Tarheels in Brooklyn
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Tarheels in Brooklyn: Where can I watch UNC basketball games?

A New York magazine from December listed a few places in Manhattan to watch UNC games (Brother Jimmy's midtown, Firefly and The Ainsworth), but I'm wondering if there's anywhere in Brooklyn to catch a game. I'm in Greenpoint and would like to not have to travel all the way to Park Slope if I can avoid it, but any recommendations are welcome.
Are there any decent bars where Tarheels congregate for viewing? I'd prefer a chiller crowd not full of financial types, hence the search in Brooklyn.
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I have no answer to this question, other than to say that if you're asking this question right now, with the Tarheel's season going the way it is, you're committed. Kudos. They're on local TV around here, and I have trouble bringing myself to watch.
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Try Channelsurfing.net. I've found an amazing array of sports are available including college games.
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Doh! I didn't read the More Inside and figured you just wanted to see the games where ever.
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Maybe you'll have better luck finding Tar Heels if you spell Tar Heels correctly. It's two words! I recall specifically learning this in C-TOPS (freshman orientation).

Anyway, the alumni association has Carolina Clubs everywhere, including a very large one in NYC that has their own website. You might poke around there.
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Response by poster: Indeed bluedaisy, you are correct--it is Tar Heel. I have gotten into this argument more than once, but the thing is, I don't care :)
Anyway, I checked the Carolina Club and the places they list are the places in Manhattan that I listed. I don't want to go to those. I want to go in Brooklyn. Or Queens even. But thanks!
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Snark aside, you might try emailing someone in the Carolina Club. I learned about the local spots in my town by emailing the head of the Carolina Club. It's worth a shot.
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I just asked a couple of my NC>NYC friends this question and got a resounding "Brother Jimmys" accompanied by a "kind of sucks and is crowded, but they actually have decent barbecue." Which, in my eyes, makes up for a multitude of sins. But don't give up!
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Response by poster: For those who visit this thread in the future, for tournament games, apparently Mulholland's is the place to go (this is what my friends tell me). But conference games, not so much.
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