Common freshman course on the history and culture of Chicago?
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Is there a common course at one of the big universities in Chicago, that all of the freshmen take, which focuses on Chicago history and culture? Perhaps called something like "the Chicago experience"? I thought that this was done at the University of Chicago, but I cannot find it on their website. Could it be another school?
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Best answer: DePaul?
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I don't know if all freshmen take this but is this what you mean?
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There's also this.
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For Orientation there's Chicago Life meetings, but those are like Orientations everywhere; they talk about what to do in an emergency, who to ask if you have trouble with your roommate, how to get around, stuff like that. I went to the U of C and I'm pretty sure that I didn't take a course on Chicago history and culture.
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Seconding Mrs. Pterodactyl--I also went to the University of Chicago and there wasn't any "Chicago" course that all freshmen took. There were some Chicago-specific architecture and history classes, but they weren't mandatory.
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Best answer: University of Illinois at Chicago has an extracurricular (but with incentives and a certificate) Chicago experience course. It involves service learning. Their Great Cities ( program also has a lot of interesting course and non-course Chicago experience things.

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Yeah, I remember my first year at Chicago being comprised of core curriculum classes on classics, classics and more classics with absolutely no reference to anything after the 4th century AD.
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I'm seconding DePaul. All freshman are required to take Discover or Explore Chicago, which sounds more like what you're getting at than the Illinois @ Chicago thing. Each class has a different subject, but they revolve around Chicago in some way whether it's the actual physicality of it, its culture, or its history.
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