Tablet for the Kitchen?
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Use a tablet as a kitchen computer? I want to use a touch screen computer primarily in the kitchen. I have some thoughts and ideas, but I want MeFi's take on it.

These are my thoughts so far:
  • computer: ASUS Eee PC T91MT - good reviews overall, nice size for the area in the kitchen, all-in-one bundle instead of a computer and separate touch screen, and wireless N for tv and music streaming from the media server. I'd also upgrade the ram to 2Gb. I'm not very interested at this point in the iPad.
  • mounting: I want something that I can slip the tablet in and out easily as needed, thus preserving the tablet for non-kitchen use. I'd also like it to be non-ugly, that looks nice with the tablet attached AND when it's not. My thought is to get a the custom-frame shop close by to build a shadowbox for the tablet, but has the top open and a spot for the power cord to attach.
  • software: Here's where I really need help. Are there any kitchen-centric software that would be useful, especially if used on a touch-screen? Any other software that's good for non-kitchen tablet usage?
Any advice, thoughts or critiques are appreciated.
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I am not sure if it is the sort of answer you are looking for but when I get a tablet I will definitely use it in the kitchen and the biggest use will almost certainly be to access the Cooks Illustrated website. It is subscription only but worth it for access to the entire recipe archive. I currently print out recipes but having something big enough to easily read from would make that unnecessary.
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When we used to have a computer in our kitchen my girlfriend used Microsoft OneNote and had recipes entered in it. I think she still uses it, though we no longer have a computer in the kitchen, and she also uses Cooks Illustrated online a lot.
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Response by poster: Yea, I have web subscriptions to and, as well as Cook's Country and Americas Test Kitchen tv shows (among others) recorded on the media server. I'm good as far as recipes. But what about kitchen inventory, such as scanning groceries? Also, how about voice-controlled software; any good ones?
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This site appears to be an inventory tool similar to what you want.
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Have you thought about the litl?
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One thought ... you will probably find that the T91 will be more functional as a "book" if it is used in portrait mode ... I have one and that is how I use it most of the time. Which has mounting considerations ... I have made a cardboard mount (like a recipe book holder) which works well.

And, don't expect to be overwhelmed by the "input text with the pen" function. And make sure it has Win7
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Response by poster: Brainwane, I've never heard of the litl, but i'll check it out. Thanks!

Jannw, one of the reasons of going with the T91MT is Windows 7. No more XP for me!
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you want to have a look at this
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Response by poster: Madeinitaly, that article is what inspired me to look into things. However, all eye-level space in our kitchen is a cabinet; I didn't want to be cutting any holes in the cabinet doors, and finding space in my kitchen for the CPU is a problem. I'm looking into his software setup though. Thanks!
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