Tiny arcades in the system tray.
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Years ago I found a suite of games that took place entirely in system tray icons--super tiny Tetris, Space Invaders and Arkanoid/Breakout. I would like to find them again.

Google searches turn up nada, mostly because infinity people have had trouble with games and their system tray.

I vaguely remember the author's site saying he had to take one or more of them down for copyright concerns, but as there are tens of Breakout clones, I don't see why that one would be verboten.

They were remarkably easy to play, considering the sprites were only one pixel wide.
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I remember this--it had checkers and Othello, too, right?
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Dang, looks like the original site is down, but "tinygames" seems to be the keyword.
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Oh! I remember these too. It look like they used to be at www.tinywindowsgames.com/tiny/ but the site is dead now (referred to here). Here's an archive.org link.
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Oops, should have previewed! "systray" was a useful keyword in turning up the info I got.
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Surprisingly enough you can download "Tiny Games Compendium volume 1" from The Internet Archive (I had no idea it archived .exe files).
Search for "Tiny Games Compendium volume 1" on the page.
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Thanks. It's too bad some of them don't work, but the core ones are there. I thought they were lost forever.
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Was it the Favicon?
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Should mention, I don't think these are the ones I remember, but close enough.
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