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Looking for a good place for CD duplication and packaging in NYC (or by mail?)...

My band is looking to make a small run (200 or so) of our record for promotional purposes. I'm looking for some recommendations on duplication companies that are either in New York City, or that have quick turnaround by mail. We need the CDs duplicated (they're already mastered) and we want them packaged in jewel cases, with color inserts that we have designed. Ideally, the same company would handle the CD duplication and the printing of the inserts but, if it was going to be a lot cheaper, I guess we could do it separately.

We're thinking local, because we want to have the CDs in hand within about 7-10 days or so, but maybe that's possible via mail.

What say folks? Any good experiences with a particular company? We're looking for that perfect intersection of price, speed and quality (price and speed are pretty important, but we want to make sure the finished product looks good). Long-winded reasons for your preference appreciated.
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I have a great company to recommend. They're in Taiwan and they beat all US firms I talked to on price and quality. You should have your stuff 10 days from the day they get your master.

However, they are primarily a replication company and I am not sure they would do a 200 disc run for you. They might require 500, but that might still work out for you when calculating price.

MeFi mail me and I can put you in touch with the guy.
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I've used Analog Digital International to bulk duplicate DVD's, CD's and a variety of tape formats (8, VHS, Beta etc.,) for years. They do quick turnaround and are easy to work with. Contact info.
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We've used Mixonic with great results. They do small runs, offer a wealth of services, and have fab customer service.
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Best answer: have you talked to Disc Makers? They're on 18th St. I worked for a company that has used them in the past. The client was happy with the product, however, I believe Disc Makers designed the artwork. They're in the city, so you'd be saving on shipping costs if you went over and picked the discs up in person. Although if you don't have a car, a cab might be as much as shipping...

farther out, on Long Island, is Icon. They pressed a CD that I mixed. What I have seen of their work was excellent - you'd have to check with them to see whether they do runs of 200.
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I also had a good experience with Icon.
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Its been a while, but I've always used DiscMakers.
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Response by poster: Disc Makers got the job. They had the advantage of being in town, so it was nice not to pay shipping costs. It took them a little longer than I expected to get a final artwork proof to me (like, a week), but once that was settled they produced 300 cds in a few days. Thanks, folks!
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