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Hi I want a wireless hard drive that has a usb slave function so that I can link it manaully to both my laptop and tv, and also back up movies/pics wirelessly to the drive. I've looked around and something like this is difficult to buy (I had to return a bufallo media station becuase it was USB master). Can anyone recommend something please
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What you want, then, are two separate things: a box that provides NAS services (something like this although I don't know if it's any good), and a USB device to plug into it (and into the other things you want to carry it to).
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The setup I've been using is a Buffalo NAS drive attached to my wifi router, which allows me to access it through my computer (usually connected by LAN cable to the router), my wife's netbook and my PS3, both downstairs, by wifi. If a file won't play friendly with my PS3, I can hook up my wife's netbook to the tv to view it. I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but it allows me to access any media on that NAS with pretty much any wifi-capable device in my house. If the file doesn't stream well, I can usually just copy it directly onto the device I'm using, but I'm usually willing to put up with a little bit of lag from time to time.
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Seconding buffalo products.
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yup get a NAS and wire it to your wireless router. Then you can get to the network shares any way you want. 802.11g is fast enough for most video too, so you can stream wirelessly off it. (I wouldn't try 1080p, but I think even 720p should be ok if you're not too far away). You could also get a wireless router that is a USB master which takes a USB drive and sets it up as a network share (Umm... I've got a linksys WRT350N which does it, but I don't recommend it, there are better N routers out there)
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