Vexatious subway ad
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This is the seed that helps kill the tumor and give the patient a better life?

What is thing shown in this subway ad?

If it's unclear because of the size of the photo, the image in the ad shows what appears to be a very small, apparently bronze-colored metallic, rice-grain-like object (similar in shape to the Verichip, but roughly about 5-10 times smaller) resting on the tip of a gloved finger.
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It's a brachytherapy seed. A small amount of radioactive material is implanted directly into the tumor to irradiate it internally and kill it. This is not dangerous to the patient (at least, not as dangerous as leaving the tumor alone), because the radiation has very short range.
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Looks like a radioactive 'seed,' used in brachytherapy to deliver targeted radiation to internal tumours.
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Response by poster: Yeah that looks exactly right. Thanks!
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They also show that in the TV commercial, and i've been wondering the same thing, ever since i saw it. Thanks for asking the question!
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