How do I delete multiple contacts at once on Blackberry?
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How do I delete multiple contacts at once on Blackberry?

Work has given me a Blackberry curve and has imported every single person I've ever emailed in the last 8 plus years into the address book. I don't need nor want all those emails in my address book, as well as some other phone numbers that I'll never call. Is there a way to highlight multiple contacts at once to delete them en masse as opposed to doing it one by one?
I've found some blackberry forums that suggest wiping the phone clean, but I don't want to do that either. The office will go apeshit if I wipe the phone clean.
Thanks in advance.
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Where did those e-mail addresses come from? Mostly, corporate Blackberries are syncing (generally wirelessly at this point) to your Outlook and/or enterprise contacts via Exchange. Are all those contacts in your Outlook address book as well? If so, are you willing to just delete them from there?
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One way to do it is through the Desktop Manager software (via USB).

1. From the main menu of Desktop Manager, choose the Synchronize option.

2. From the menu on the left, choose Synchronization.

3. Click the Synchronization button on the right. Confused yet?

4. Tick 'Address Book' in the list. You should be taken to a popup where you can choose an application. 'ASCII Importer/Exporter' is the best bet, assuming you don't want to mess with Outlook. Select that and click 'Next'.

5. Select 'One way sync FROM Device. Click 'Next'. Browse to wherever you want to save the file and enter a filename. I used 'addressbook.csv'. Click 'Next', then 'Finish', and that's the configuration done. Exit the dialog. There's a 'setup' button if you need to revise these settings later (as you will).

6. Now choose Synchronize from the left-hand menu. Ensure that only 'Synchronize organizer data' is selected in the list, then click 'Synchronize'. This should populate your CSV file with the addess book data. You can edit this however you like.

7. When you want to re-import the address book, return to the configuration section and change the direction of synchronization in step 5 so that the data is imported back to your blackberry.
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