GP or OB/GYN? (Yet another DC doctor question...)
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Due to a craptastically crappy situation, I need a new doctor (in DC or NoVA). I don't know whether to look for a GP or an OB/GYN. Advice and specific recommendations are very much appreciated... I haven't done this (look for a new doctor) in a long time (~10 years).

So, today I found out (when I called to make an appointment) that my doctor (GP) of 10 years has left the practice she was with, and is apparently now only with Kaiser. I am not with Kaiser. So I can't see her anymore, at least not until open season rolls around again (another 12 months) and I can change my insurance.

Thus, time for a new doc. This terrifies me. I loved my old doc. She took care of everything I needed, from head (my neurologist sucked so I dumped him), to chick parts (I've never had an ob/gyn) and now I don't know what to do.

I am getting to the point of maybe thinking about having kids. Does that mean I should start building a relationship with an OB/GYN now? Will an OB/GYN take care of the rest of me (if they are my PCP), or will they have to refer me to another doc for migraines / strep throat / other non-chick-part ailments?

Or is it better to find a good GP? Will all GPs take care of your chick parts if you want? Or was my GP unusual in her willingness to do well woman exams?

Bonus points for anyone who can recommend a really good doc (ob/gyn or gp, as you think appropriate) in the DC/NoVA area, with an office staff that doesn't think patients are pool scum. My insurance is Coventry. I do not know anyone else with this insurance, except my spouse, who is no help.
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Can you ring the old Doc and ask her for a recommendation? She'll know other people in the trade and it sounds like you can rely on her advice. Given you have no choice about no longer seeing her I don't think it would be awkward.
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Response by poster: That's one angle I'm working, but I haven't been able to reach her so far. My one complaint with her is that she's never been very accessible outside of appointments (probably because she's too busy spending oodles of time with people during their appointments)...
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Response by poster: Also, she referred me to the sucky neurologist (she was very apologetic about it), so a referral from her isn't necessarily a silver bullet.
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FWIW, in my limited understand (as a man, but spouse to a primary care doc) many OB/Gyns stop delivering kids about 20 years before they plan to retire (to make sure they have malpractice coverage for any lawsuits stemming from "birth defects"). If you're planning on having kids over the next, say, ten years, you may want someone who'll be available for that period.
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When I was looking for new doctors, I asked my coworkers if they were happy with their doctors, on the theory that that was a fast track to finding ones who were in my coverage network. It worked out pretty well, I think. See you MeMail for details.
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Best answer: My now-former GP-- who was very nice, quite smart, and always too damn busy-- was perfectly happy to inspect the lady parts *and* prescribe migraine meds.
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Bruce Bonn is an excellent, excellent OB/GYN.
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You don't say where you are but my wife was very happy with Dr Jahan.
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