How can I put a little website search engine on my CD-rom?
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How can I put a little website search engine on my CD-rom?

I'm distributing a CD-Rom copy of part of my website. It's originally a Joomla site, but I've made the pages I want to distribute static, so everything's in plain HTML format. On the *live* site, there's a "search this site" form. I want to put this on my CD version site. Is there an easy little script to do this?

Complication: I'm not a programmer. I know my way around HTML, CSS and a smattering of PHP. I can copy/paste/change basic parameters in Javascript. There've been a couple of questions previously but they went into programmer-land very fast, so for example the answer to this question was way beyond what I can do.
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Unless you want to launch a local webserver, you'll need to do this through Javascript. It looks like there is a project (there's almost certainly more than one) that will let you do that: JSSIndex. Looks like it's specifically intended for CD-ROMs, like you have in mind.
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You could look at an option like Atrise Everyfind -- note that I've never used this myself, so I can't speak for it. I have heard about it, though.
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Dt Search has products specifically for this type of scenario.
An embedded search engine for cdroms.

It is not free.
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Embed the web server, along with php and mysql on the disc and have it autorun (and not need to write files anywhere and have your joomla install somehow be OK with this). But you're not a programmer, so this is going to be kind of hard. is something I've heard of, though I've got no experience with it, nor do I know how compatible it will be with joomla. I've seen it work with Drupal if you want to port your site to that. (Only half kidding.)
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