Recommendations for federal resume services?
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I need help generating a successful response to federal job applications. Does anyone have experience with third party services?

My first attempt at writing a federal application was unsuccessful. I think I was sufficiently qualified, but didn’t make the first cut. I've read previous ask mefi questions and understand the exercise is as much mechanical as it is compositional. The books I’ve read seem to focus on the old school, rambling KSAs and not the new 2000 word format. I’m curious if anyone has used third party services for review and critique. Also, what are the realistic odds of a non-military, non-government person finding a professional federal job in the current economy?
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correction: 2000 character format.
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Veterans preferences can put non-veterans, even those at the highest levels of qualification, right out of the qualified pool that gets an interview. That might mean there's nothing wrong with your resume. How many jobs did you apply for? Are you willing to move? Those have as much or more to do with getting the job than the resume itself, assuming you did an OK job the first time.

In my current metro, the federal gov't is the 3rd or so biggest employer and there are semi-regular resume writing sessions. I think they're free, but there may be a small fee to cover room rental and misc other stuff. Call the HR offices you've applied to and ask if there's such a thing where you are.

I got my job as a Fed in the current economy. The announcement I applied on got 600 applicants for 10 jobs. A further 10 were announced early this year and they received 2000 responses. I'm told they expect less than half to actually qualify, but those are still some long odds. That said, applying frequently and being willing to move are the two things that can most help you. I applied for the same job in a highly desirable big-city location and got the "not among the most highly qualified" email. I applied in my less desireable medium-small hometown and was hired. Once you're in, you (can, with some restrictions) get first swing at future positions in an area of your choosing.
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