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How do I import a SQL dump of an old MovableType install into Wordpress?

I had an old old blog that ran MovableType 2.667 when the small-time host I was using shut down on me due to hardware failure. The hard drives still worked, but the rest of the box was toast. When the drives were pulled and thrown in a smiliar machine, I got a SQL dump of the MT database that was there at the time of the crash. Got set up with a new host that won't let me run CGI scripts unless I pay for the big packages. Oh well, forget about it and install Wordpress. Blog happily on that for about 4 years now, and I come across the SQL dump in some folders I'm cleaning out to reclaim some drive space. Reading back through the entries in a text editor makes me want to put this all back up on the web, and I'd love to import it into my Wordpress install. Problem is, I can't install MT on my webhost, XAMPP hasn't ever worked the greatest when I've tried it, can't really find a copy of MT 2.667, and while I can do it, web stuff is not my forte. Hive mind, some hope please?
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Here's 2.661. Are you sure it was 2.667? This question and a single sixapart forum post look like the only Google results for MovableType 2.667.

Among your choices:

Install MovableType locally (I'm betting 2.667 and 2.661 aren't likely to have db differences), load the SQL dump, export your entries to a text dump through MT's web interface (running locally), import to Wordpress through their documented procedure.

Install a database locally, load the SQL dump, write your own code to go through your entries and post them to your Wordpress blog through the Atom API.

(I'm somewhat familiar with MT, but not with Wordpress; the above Wordpress-related content is gleaned from some websearching and I'm sure someone else here knows much more about that end.)
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Err it might have been 2.661. It's been that many years. I haven't had much luck running it locally, but I might give it another shot.
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Just want to thank holgate for his effort in setting up MT2.661 for me and exporting the entries to text for me. I'll just close this one on up!
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