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[NoChanceInHeckFilter]Old Print Server won't play nice with Win7 x64, does fine with anything x86.

Ok, so... I've got a fairly new HP x64 system running win7 Professional. I've also got a desk-side all in one that I use mostly for scanning. It works fine, but my per-page expense is nuts. I have tried refilling it, but because it uses pressurized cartridges this generally won't work. Or, rather, I can print 2 pages and then it can't feed ink fast enough.

SO, the office employs a Konica/Minolta di470 copier attached to a Minolta Fiery X3 server. Everyone else uses this machine, and my laptop (XP) uses it just fine. According to the manufacturers website, the X3 server drivers are included in the win7 install.

I've found both the di470 in the add/remove printers dialogue, and i've found the fiery as well, and the drivers install perfectly but printing doesn't work.

Right now, I have to email myself (or share) documents to my laptop, then walk across the office to print from there. I print a lot.

The fellow who does the tech service for the machine says there are no x64 drivers for the fiery, and this is the issue. I believe this is incorrect and he just wants to sell us a new print server.

So now I'm looking for solutions. I tried sharing the printer from XP, but of course it "shares" 32 bit drivers which just don't work. I can't figure out how to emulate xp for a printer. I *could* install vmware and a virtual machine (gag), but that seems like overkill.

I am the first machine in this office to go to 7, but everyone else will be following over the next several months.

I'm not optimistic that anyone will be able to provide help on this, but large-office print servers are new to me and maybe not to you. (I do have the config page for the copier, the IP address, etc...but still, it no printy.)
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I don't know the Fiery, so I can't help everyone else in your office, but you can add the printer as a local printer on your desktop. Choose Add a local printer - Create a new port. From the drop down select "Standard TCP/IP port" and enter the IP address.
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Yes, somewhat familiar w/ that process. I give it the IP and it says unknown device, I must select from a list.

Minolta "Fiery" isn't on that list, neither is the model number (55BW-M), aka "X3". I can choose "generic network card", or from a list of models. For Minolta, there's "Minolta Network Printer" and "Minolta QMS Printer". No matter what I choose, I still have to select the driver. No good choices there, KONICA MINOLTA has nothing that makes sense, Minolta gives me the di470, but I don't NEED the di470 driver, I NEED the fiery driver.

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If you're connecting directly to the IP of the printer you need the di470 driver, not the Fiery driver.
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All right, well, I did that and it errors out. Will keep trying, though.

My current system involves remote desktop so I don't have to get up...but...w/e.
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Actually, the config page that it spits out is for the x3, so it would appear I need the x3 driver.
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If all the above fails, perhaps you could set up a virtual machine under XP mode, install the printer driver in that VM, then share the printer out from there?
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This is something I'm sorta unfamiliar w/ Calloused---the xp virtual machine under 7. I'm not clear on whether it's all copies of 7Pro that can do this, or just machines that have a chip capable of virtualization (which I think is the case, and which this one is NOT).

I could, like I said in the original post, try an XP VM under vmware, but that's no easier than playing the remote desktop to print game.
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it's just the built in virtual PC on windows 7 that comes with an XP license - you have to download it from MS - it's easier to deal with than VMware, but it's still printing from a remote desktop
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Oh, one last thing to possibly try - does the X3 do postscript? If so, you may be able to get another PS printer's driver to work at least partially.
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The X3 will have a different IP address from the printer. On the Konica Minolta here, which is not a di470, you get the IP by hitting Utility/Counter then going to User Settings, Printer Settings, Print Reports, Configuration Page.
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You need x64 drivers for it. Period. Check the Konica Minolta or EFI (they make Fiery) websites for x64 drivers. Once you've downloaded them, you can load the driver file (.inf) from the "Have Disk" option on the print driver selection screen.

You may need to call your copier service company. Chances are high that they have a computer-side support person who could at least provide the drivers if not install them for you.
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I have scoured and scoured all the associated websites for the driver. I'll call the company tomorrow...
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