The handyman can?
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Who would you recommend for some repairs that need to be done on our recently purchased Toronto home?

We would like to hire someone to do some general work including some caulking, weather stripping, correcting some circuitry, dealing with bleeding rads, some venting stuff and some cosmetic woodworking repairs. Who should we consult to tell us how to fix the house? Is this the work of a handyman or a contractor or both? Any personal recommendations would be greatly appreciated, we are very reluctant to pick a person/agency at random from the Toronto Yellow Pages. Thanks for your help!
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I can't recommend anyone in particular, but I've used homestars to find contractors and have never been disappointed.
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weenen... they're not cheap but they're the best...
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start here:
then do some research on whomever you pick. (Go see work that they have done, talk to previous customers etc.) Don't skimp out on your research, get permits for any work (electrical, plumbing, structural and.. HVAC I think?) so if the work touches these areas, make sure you see the permitting paperwork. An inspector will also come out to inspect the work done and approve it. Make sure you get everybody's names etc.
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Thanks everyone! These are great leads!
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