Identity of Ray Bradbury Cover Artist
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Does anyone know the name of the artist that painted this cover for the Ray Bradbury book Dandelion Wine?

The paperback doesn't give credit to the artist. Maybe the book Bradbury: Illustrated Life has a reference to it, but I don't have a copy. If you do know who the artist is, bonus bonus points if you know if he/she is still alive and how to contact them.
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This article talks about Ray as an artist, he might have done it himself...

Here is a list of his books, it names a few of the cover artists, but doesn't show the covers... Names include Thomas Canty and Peter Goodfellow..

You might be able to find out through Bantam Publishing

It is an evocative cover, and the style is VERY familiar!

I wonder if Ray would remember, lol! He's only 89!
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ISFDb lists a number of cover artists for that book and has scans of some, but none of the scans match that image. (FWIW, it is the image that I remember seeing on that book.) It's not Tom Canty, Trevor Scobie, Tomislav Tikulin, or Robert Vickrey, but it could possibly be Jeffries Lies, Bruce Pennington, Steve Crisp, Amos Sewell, or Tim O'Brien. Or, more likely, some other uncredited artist. :(
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I did my best, but couldn't get you anything firmly definitive. However, Robert Vickery and Tom Canty have individually been cover illustrators for Dandelion Wine; it's probably not Canty, as he seems to have done editions since the Bantam edition you posted. Looking at Vickery's style, it looks like he could have done the Bantam paperback edition, but he's credited for the first edition, which doesn't look like the Bantam paperback cover. Anyway, that's as much as I could turn up -- good luck!
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Oh, Googling tip: "jacket art" seems to be a useful industry phrase to Google for with regards to looking for cover artists.
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the style is VERY familiar

Yes, it's driving me crazy--I could swear this mysterious artist has done really similar covers for other books I've read. I'll keep an eye out.
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There's a collection of Bantam covers here. You might be able to find covers by the same artist for other books (e.g., this cover for a Steinbeck, which has the same feel), giving you more Googlable information.
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Maybe the book Bradbury: Illustrated Life

We've got it, but it's in storage. It's supposed to get here tomorrow, so I'll take a look.
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You might have some luck with GazoPa. It returns quite a few book covers, but there's a lot of images to look through.
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Maybe the book Bradbury: Illustrated Life

No luck, I'm afraid. The cover is pictured with three other paperback editions, and the caption just says "US paperback editions of Dandelion Wine, including cover artwork by Tom Canty." As discussed above, it looks like he's the artist for the most recent edition.
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Response by poster: Thanks for checking that Horace. I have a friend trying at Bantam and also checking with Mr. B. himself. If we find anything out I'll let you know.
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It looks a lot like a Robert McGinnis cover, but McGinnis is pretty popular and people have cataloged a lot of his stuff online. So it might not be McGinnis himself, but the similarity might be why it's ringing so many folks' familiarity bells.
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It's also similar to James Avati, who did the portrait of Holden Caufield on the paperback edition of Catcher in the Rye until Salinger threw a fit about it.
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