Why won't hulu load on my ibook?
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Why won't my computer load hulu, or other videos? I have an ibook G4.

My computer will no longer load hulu videos. I get the audio of "This hulu presentation is brought to you with limited commercial interruption from Sprint" (or whatever it says) with the video screen showing the "Brought to you from Sprint", and then it begins to fade away, presumably to let the advertisement start - but freezes. I get the spinning pinwheel of death, and have to Force Quit.

I can also no longer watch video on NBC or AandE. I just get the spinning pinwheel, it won't go away, and I have to Force Quit.

Relevant information:

Youtube is not a problem - I can watch it just fine.

I recently completed a software update (including java) and I'm completely up to date.

This is using Mozilla Firefox. Safari has a similar problem (page freezes).

In addition, seemingly random webpages will make my computer freeze (the same ones, though). Maybe a video is loading in the background? Gmail is one of the offenders.

Any idea what's going on?

(It's kind of an old computer - going on four years, but its a trooper and I've had no problems with it.)
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Best answer: My first advice would be uninstalling and reinstalling the Flash plugin for Firefox. I've known it to sometimes - for no reason I can tell - become corrupted when Firefox updates.
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Do you have any sort of ad blocker running? Not on Hulu, but on other networks' video sites I've encountered seemingly random deaths, and it's all turned out to be the fault of (in my case) Ad Block Plus. Disable it for the page, and boom--suddenly everything works.
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Response by poster: Uninstalled and reinstalled flash and I'm up and running. Thanks so much!
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