Name this short educational film from the '70s
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Name this short educational film from the '70s that was about an urban garden getting destroyed.

I saw this a number of times a long time ago but can't find any trace of it now.

It was a short film and the plot involved a young black boy in an urban setting (likely NYC). He helped create a garden in a vacant lot and was proud of what he accomplished. But then some jerk kids came by one night and vandalized the garden. The film's main character was then crushed when he visited the garden the next morning. (Instead of giving up, I think he and others then rebuilt the garden.)

I'm guessing the film was shot in the early 70s, but possibly could also be from the '60s. I have memory of the film actually being projected, but possibly it was just shown on tv during the daytime educational shows of the 70s/80s.
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I remember that film! Now this is going to drive me crazy. I vaguely remember it being on tv.
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Was it Antaeus? Your description reminded me of the short story by that name I'd read in high school, and sure enough there was a 1982 short film version.
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No -- it wasn't Antaeus. This film was more circa early seventies and was very brief. I don't recall there even being any dialogue in it. Thanks for joining the hunt though :)
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I emailed avgeeks for you; if anyone here knows the answer, it'll be him.
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My guess is:

Just One Place
Inside-Out Series
1 film reel (15 min.)
Introduces Kevin and his friends whose inner-city garden plot has been run over by some older boys. Describes their dilemma when they must decide whether they will plant another garden next year. Explains responsibility for maintaining an environment of human quality.

It's part of a great educational TV series called Inside-Out.
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avgeeks, that sounds like it's probably it!

I can't immediately find that episode online but for anyone interested in what this series was like, here's a different episode online and an episode list.

thanks for the site and for the info :)
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