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YoutubeFilter: help me find a video online. I want to find a clip-from any movie out there-of the standard, cliche "new guy in New York seeing the sites with a huge grin" montage. The sort of thing that is in films from the 80s like Crocodile Dundee, where you see a tourist/hillbilly seeing the city for the first time, set to some poppy, uptempo soundtrack music. HELP!
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Elf: Start at 8:44 on this video and it continues here.
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I can't find it online, but I seem to recall a "first time in Hollywood" montage with Arnold Schwarzenegger from Twins.

Or similarly there's this clip from the first Mr. Bean movie, although it might not be quite what you're looking for. (Warning: rude gestures at the end)
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Does it have to be New York? Because there was a perfect example of such a scene in Vegas Vacation, cheesy pop music and all. There's also a more contemplative such scene set in Tokyo from Lost in Translation, which you can see at the very beginning of this video (and again at 52:27).
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Jungle 2 Jungle: Complete with a kid climbing on the Statute of Liberty's crown; warning: Tim Allen.
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There's one in Ferris Bueller's Day Off but without the first-timer gaping. It's also pretty short, and Chicago-specific.
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Midnight Cowboy comes to mind.
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