Which iPod cable to use with my Sennheiser HD650 headphones?
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Any recommendations for a high-quality iPod cable for my Sennheiser HD650 headphones? I've been a using a Cardas cable, but the cable's so heavy that it appears to be damaging the headphone jack on my iPod.
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Aside from its sometimes inconvenient length, why not just use the stock cable? Even if you believe that cable quality affects sound quality (I do not but will not argue about it) the iPod is not really a high-quality source, so any hypothetical degradation would be minimal. I think most aftermarket cables will use the same overengineering approach as the Cardas and will have similar problems.
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As many will point out, the iPod is not a hi-fi source and cables are not going to make a significant improvement to your sound. Use the stock cable.

If I had the money to buy 'phones like that and Cardas cable upgrades, I would look into a Wadia dock/nice DAC/headphone amp setup. And encode your files in Apple Lossless.

Unless of course you're listening "on the go" -- in which case I would switch headphones!
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