Where can I buy computer hardware offline?
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Where can I buy computer hardware? Offline?

I live in Philadelphia PA. I want to buy a CCFL/backlight for a 15.4 in laptop display (HP dv6000 series laptop). There are many ways I can get this online, and it has been years since I bought anything for the computer offline, so I don't know where to go anymore. I'd like to get it by Monday so that's why I want to find a good store.
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I just did a quick Google search and found a parts supplier that offers factory direct replacement parts. Unfortunately they sell only complete screens as opposed to just a backlight. Still, it might be worth a look: Spare Parts Warehouse.
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Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you wanted to buy this online. I'm not quite sure where you'd find parts offline. I think that any replacement/repair shops would order it from the company or a third party supplier. You might try contacting one and ask if they can order a backlight for you.
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Best answer: I don't know if they can help with your current part need, but I always stop by Microcenter in St. David's (Villanova exit of I-476 I believe) which is an on-line store with brick and mortar in some cities, including Philadelphia. I think it would be worth stopping in sometime, just so you know what they can do for you. Large, bright store, parking, friendly people. Of course, we're not talking rock bottom prices or anything, but I like to be able to see/touch and have a local place to return/exchange without shipping.
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Best answer: It is basically impossible to get the exact part you need by going to brick and mortar stores, especially in the timeframe you want. While you might be able to go to a small shop and order something, they're going to do the exactly what you'd do anyway: go online and order the part. The only difference is that they'll probably charge you a premium to do it.
The reason for this is pretty simple: there are way too many different computers out there now, it would be impossible to have a stock of every random computer part and stay in business. Not even manufacturer-specific stores (i.e. Apple) keep parts for their computers in store.
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You probably need to contact HP. They may be able to overnight the part, which likely means Tuesday, or could refer you to a local tech that does warranty service for them who may have the part.

If you need to use the computer or get data off of it tomorrow and cannot wait you should be able to hook the computer up to an external display and use it that way or pull the drive and stick it a a USB enclosure to use with another computer.
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As people have explained above, you won't find this in a brick and mortar store. Your best bet is to search eBay sellers by location (don't forget to look for people selling faulty computers for parts) and see if someone nearby will let you collect tomorrow.
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Response by poster: Thanks you guys, good point about the specificity of the part. I'll just order it online, no problem.
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Best answer: hmm, found it via craigslist, a store at 215 south third.
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