Open source alternative to MagicZoom or Magneto ProZoom?
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Are there any good open source product viewers? I'm trying to build a very simple site with that has a products section. I'd like to display a few views for each product, and the tools I've found so far are magic zoom and Magneto, but both cost a bit. I'm not opposed to paying, if these are the best, but given how many lightbox clones there are, I can't believe there isn't something opensource and better. Has anybody used these tools, or found better alternatives?
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Magento is free, actually. Depending in your tech skill, you can set itup pretty quickly, although custom templates etc. have a learning curve.
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Hmm - yeah, there had to be an open-source version. jqzoom - it even has a motorcycle demo.
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The combination of Drupal + Ubercart module has produced some really nice looking sites.

There is also a pretty active forum section on their website dedicated specifically to theming here so you'll have lots of support for making it look nice.
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Best answer: Here is what I ended up using: simple javascript gallery
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