Los Angeles area rehab centers that accept Medicare
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I'm looking for reputable alcohol rehab programs in the Los Angeles area that accept Medicare, for someone who may need to a program as long as 60 or 90 days.

This would be for a 60 year old, lifelong alcoholic who has been living with her ailing 90 year old mother for over a decade. She's had long periods of "sobriety" in the past, but always been resistant to AA, and even when dry has used other drugs, either marijuana or depressants.
The reason for the long term need is because she knows how to work the system and talk the talk - there's a fear that she'll put up a good front after 30 days that she's recovered, but will quickly return to the bottle.
Besides being beligerant and occasionally violent to other family members when drunk, more recently she's attempted to adminster or alter meds for her 90 year old mother.
We're talking with interventionists now, and the family is planning to give her an ultimatum of treatment or she's out of the house, but the priority now is finding a rehab center that Medicare could cover for up to 90 days within 1 or 2 hours of Los Angeles.
Any specific suggestions, especially from those in the know, would be appreciated.
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I think this link will definitely help you; its the determination manual for medicare.

I found a facility in Hemet (Riverside, right?), but can't access the website because they don't like where I am. Google Hemet valley recovery center. But I know there are more. You may have more help contacting your local AA and getting some info about rehab programs from there.

Good luck.
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Been there. Not much help, including the medicare side, but even with alcoholic liver failure, to the point of 'not sure if he'll make it through the night', it was 3 weeks of being unconscious in the hospital, followed by 3 further weeks in there of confusion, and weakness to the point that I couldn't walk.

A month later, I'm still trying to recover, with an unfortunate relapse back to the bottle. Part of the problem is talk doesn't work, i.e. 'counselors'. Same goes with AA. I'm the same, talk the talk and so forth. Sad thing is there isn't anything you can do beyond strapping her to the bed. She has to commit to stopping, and to do that basically involves as you likely suspect medical supervision with something like Ativan to ward off withdrawal seizures.
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Aurora Las Encinas in Pasadena, and Aurora Charter Oak in Covina both accept Medicare. I would recommend Charter Oak over Las Encinas, but both would appear to be good options to check out for you.
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