Can you use tunneling to make two XP machines on the internet appear to be part of the same local network?
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If I have two XP machines on the internet in different locations, and each machine is running a virtual PC version of Windows 98, is it possible through some use of a tunneling protocol or whatever, to make those two virtual 98 machines appear to be on the same local network? In other words ...(more inside)

In other words, can I play Duke Nukem (and other old games from the windows 95/98 ipx netbui days) with my buddy across the internet, using virtual pc and tunneling whatever?
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if you don't use the NAT option (I believe the option you want is Bridged Networking) it should work fine.. it'll tell the card to send packets with the VirtualPC MAC address, so it's pretty much like having another real network card in your computer. I've never tried doing it though - but it theory it should work ok.
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