How do I stop my iPhone creating multiple calendars and merge them into one?
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For some reason my iPhone's on-board calendar comprises no fewer than eight calendars. My appointments are strewn across the calendars quite randomly. When I add a new appointment, sometimes yet another calendar is created. The only way for me to view my appointments in a comprehensible fashion is to view "All". How do I bring an end to this preposterous state of affairs? Is there a way to merge all my calendars into one? I am a Mobile Me subscriber.
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Do you use iCal or the mobile me web calendar to add events? Far too often, I hit the + button near the bottom left, thinking that means "new event" but it really means "new calendar". Maybe you're doing that too.
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Response by poster: I don't use either of those as interfaces. I don't have a Mac and I don't log into Mobile Me except once a year to pay for it.

Also this doesn't tell me how to merge my calendars into one. Has anyone experienced this same issue?
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