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Last night, for reasons unclear to me, my iPod decided it needed to re-synch everything. When it was finished, it indicated that I had just as much space taken by "other" as I did by music and that my iPod is nearly full. How can I remove this "other" stuff? I really don't want to restore; is there any other way to fix this? I am running Windows on a PC
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It must be videos or podcasts or photos? Try clicking on the different categories when you plug in the iPod, then delete what you don't want.
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The file system on your iPod got corrupted by some misadventure and that "other" data is all the music you had on the iPod at the time, hopelessly jumbled. I had this happen once and I'm sorry to say that restoring it is almost certainly the quickest and simplest way of fixing it.
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Mayhap is right. That's almost certainly what's going on. I had to restore when it happened to me.
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My wife had a similar thing happen (mac, not pc) after upgrading iTunes the last time. There's a checkbox in the preferences that says something like "fill iPod up with random stuff after your playlists are synched" default-checked. She only transfers certain music playlists to her ipod, but her computer has tons of videos, podcasts, music, etc (more than the ipod can hold). So what it did on the next synch was, transfer her playlists, then fill up the rest of the space on the ipod with stuff she didn't explicitly tell it to, and then report the ipod was full, which surprised her. It's ok, though, because the next synch will bump some of that extra stuff off if it needs to, the ipod isn't "can't put any more stuff on it" full.

mayhap may be right in your case, though, if you're more like me, where everything on the computer is on the ipod anyway.
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I had the same thing and it was exactly as mayhap described. Except mine kept corrupting so after 18 solid hours of trying different things, four factory restores, multiple scan disk/fix file sessions I took it to the Apple store and they replaced it. Make sure you do the scan disk thing to fix file errors before you try restoring it, you want to clear up that corrupted file before you start with the resyncing. Hopefully this is just a one off problem for you!
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Oh, and if the problem was as ctmf described for his wife then shouldn't the extra show up as videos, music, whatever rather than the dreaded orange 'other'? It should be easy enough to check either way.
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I'd love to know more about that 'other' stuff too - no official way to look at it in a 'My Computer' sense. I'm pretty sure it's a lot of application data - downloading songs for Tap Tap Revenge makes that 'other' slot fill up...
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