Cape May in March?
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I am looking to visit Cape May, NJ, with my longtime girlfriend. I am going to be proposing to her and I want to know if it is advisable to plan a visit during March (The only time that works for us). We're not necessarily looking to go swimming, but I'd like to be sure that there are still nice, romantic things we can see and do. Any advice about the weather and the sights in the area would be appreciated. I'm also open to suggestions about alternate destinations in the Philadelphia area. Thanks!
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It's not going to be warm enough to swim.

Seems like nice enough walking around weather, though.
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Two of our favorites that we always hit when down there are Cape May Lighthouse & Sunset Beach.

The "Cape May Diamonds" are a little kitschy but still cool to see the Sunset at the beach in NJ.
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I went to Cape May for my birthday (March 1) about 7 years ago. Most everything was closed and the weather was gray and crummy. It was still fun but totally deserted. Walking on the boardwalk by yourselves could be really romantic.
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Take a walk around Lucy the Elephant even if you can't go inside.
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Although Cape May will have more folks milling around than most S. Jersey shore towns in March, it will still be pretty quiet and not everything will be open.

That being said, my wife and I love going down there in the off-season. Have you considered staying at Congress Hall or The Virginia Hotel?

The beach should be all yours!
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The WWII gun emplacements on the beach are pretty cool. Lighthouse is fun, and even a walk through the bird sanctuary is great. You could take the ferry across to Lewes, DE if you like boat rides. It's a little pricey, but a lot of fun. If you are interested in beer Dogfish Head is in Rehoboth Beach in DE, close to the ferry landing.
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Check out the Woolverton Inn in Stockton. Not the beach, but romantic as can be. You'd have great restaurants nearby, walks &/or cycling along the Delaware, and a fireplace to curl up by if the weather is bad. For dinner, we are especially fond of Zoubi (sorry, annoying website!) and Hamilton's Grill Room for dinner. Zoubi serves inspired martinis and great appetizers and the atmosphere is far more romantic than their website suggests. One of the best wine shops anywhere is Phillips in Stockton if you need a bottle of bubbly. Enjoy!
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Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA are right across the Deleware river from each other. Both towns are extremely quaint and feature many good restaurants, art galleries, shops, and Bed & Breakfasts. These towns are cute enough to make you not care about crummy March weather. Also, there is a bridge over the Deleware to walk in between the two towns, and the views from the bridge down the river are really great. It would be a nice place to propose.
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Seconding Lucy. It's a bit of a ride from Cape May, (it's just to the south of Atlantic City) but it's really neat, especially if you get to go inside.
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I go to Cape May in the spring and fall all the time. It is great and not crowded. There are music and film festivals so you might want to time your visit with one of those.
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Cape May is okay... but as said above, lots of stuff won't be open. Stay in Point Pleasant, instead.
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I would second the suggestions made by pocket_of_droplets and sickinthehead of the Lambertville, New Hope, Stockton, Lumberville, Upper Black Eddy, etc. areas of PA and NJ. There is more to do in the winter and tons of small inns and bed & breakfast places. I love Cape May but I think in March you would be better off going elsewhere.
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Cape May is far more romantic than Point Pleasant and lots of stuff will be open.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll definitely check out some of these other places before making a decision.
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