Looking for the cheapest possible airfare San Francisco to London in June
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Looking for the cheapest possible airfare San Francisco to London in June

As you may remember from my past Ask, I am heading to the Glastonbury Festival in England in June. The time has come to figure out how Im getting over there and everything is coming up in the $1200-1500 range.

Is this the best I can expect? I had heard that come spring the prices tend to drop a bit but Im flying kind of blind here, no pun intended.

Any tips, thoughts, suggestions?
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Set up a Kayak Alert.
Check out farecast.
Subscribe to Travelzoo.
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Rule of thumb: Flights are often cheapest if you're willing to fly on a Tuesday (or sometimes Wednesday).
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I've always found that when I am looking more than about two months in advance, the prices are always higher. Once you hit the two month mark there seems to be more fluctuation up and down. k8t has good advice.
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slightly under $1100 on Vayama
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the BA sale is on now, they fly that route. Book by Feb 9 for the deals.
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If you use Kayak, be sure to be flexible with your days. So, that means you have to sign up with them (they won't spam you), and be logged in. Then when you search for a flight, click the link that says flexible and put in "3 days before and 3 days after" for both your leave and return date. I routinely see one days lowest price at 800 and the next days at 1100.

Also, search one every 2-3 days to get an idea of the usual range of prices. That way, when you see a low one you can snap it up.

Be open to flying into or out of an airport that is a little further away to save money.
(Stansted is waaay out there, but there are buses into town)
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