Where in New York City can I get colored bandanas or handkerchiefs?
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Where in New York City can I get colored bandanas or handkerchiefs? I need two bandanas or handkerchiefs: one white, and one bright fuchsia. Help!

This is anonymous because, as you might guess, it relates to the hanky code.

I can't just ask buddies where they got theirs, because nobody really does that anymore -- it's for a costume. I don't know anyone else who has them.

Bandanas are okay, handkerchiefs are ideal. Cheap is best -- I'm not looking for delicate silk pocket squares. I'm also not looking for strange premade doggy bandanas, which is what you get when you search for "new york bandanas."

Will go anywhere the subway goes, but midtown to Union Square is ideal if possible. Queens and Brooklyn are also okay. I've checked some stores in the trimmings district, which I'd think would be most likely, but come up empty-handed.

Any advice, suggestions, recommendations, and other ideas are welcome. Thank you!
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Do you have a Michael's? They sell them in the same section with blank t-shirts, iron-on decorations and puffy paint.
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My gay fetish bar in Philly (The Bike Stop) had a huge selection of hankies in their toy store.

So, you might check the fetish scene shops.
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it looks like there are hobby lobbies in new york, yes? they have a vast selection of bandanas in various colors and patterns--maybe even some plain, i don't remember. my brother bought bandanas there for his wedding--hot pink to match the bridal gown!
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There's a Michael's in Queens - R/V to Northern Blvd. 10ish minutes outside Manhattan. I've been to there - it's big, like a normal suburban Michael's, so they should have it. (Call though, to verify.)
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it looks like there are hobby lobbies in new york, yes?

New York State, yes. NYC, no. The closest one is 2 hours away.
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There's a brand new Michael's at 100th and Columbus. I'd guess you could find bandanas at any of several shops along St. Marks.
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Army/Navy surplus stores usually have a large variety, I don't know about NYC. You might try giving a few a call.
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if you live in the union square area, i'd suggest rags-a-gogo, a secondhand shop on 14th between 6th and 7th, i believe. Last time I was there, they had a whole box of hankys in various colors.
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In general, I've seen colored bandanas in dollar-store type places--the sort often run by immigrants, not the big chain Dollar Tree sort. I think whatever companies dollar stores get their cheap merchandise from are likely to carry bandanas--they're a cheap item often made in China, like much other dollar store stuff.

(Can't promise this is true in NYC dollar stores, but it's been my experience in Baltimore and San Francisco--though granted people *do*still flag in SF, so dollar stores might be catering to that.)

Barring that, there's always this store online. IIRC their shipping is pretty cheap.
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The Michael's on the UWS is wonderful, and definitely has them.
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I usually wear my hair in a bandana, and when I was in New York I just went to an Army surplus store if I needed more. A lot seem to keep them behind the counter, probably just because they're small and easy to walk off with.

I do also recall some of the leather stores on Christopher street having colored hankies, which I thought was adorably old-fashioned of them. But why pay the ridiculous sex-toy-store markup for something you can get a billion other places?
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Most women's hair/beauty supply stores that cater to women of color will have a broad selection.

I'd be very, very anxious your fuchsia bandanna doesn't get mistaken for magenta, based on that wiki link.
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The various cheap clothing/t-shirt stores lining Orchard Street btw. Houston and Delancey sell a million different types of bandanas and hankerchiefs. I'd check there.
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They sell them in so many of those little stores that sell gloves and umbrellas and hats and stuff all over the city! I bought mine (different colors, mind) at one in Park Slope, I think.
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Star Struck Vintage on Greenwich Ave has a huge basket of bandannas, hankies, etc, all for the same price. Lots of variety.
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Personally, I think these are so much nicer.

If you're into leather, that is - I've never seen someone wearing these with Levi's.
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