Where is the best XC skiing within 6 or so hours of NYC?
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Where is the best XC skiing within 6 or so hours of NYC? Also, where to go for the most awesome wintry outdoor/nature activities in general, in that region, without spending a fortune?

-There are two of us, in our 20s.
-We prefer athletic activities but are interested in other kinds of things too.
-We have some money but not a ton. $100 per person/day, including lodging, excluding food, is probably the max.
-We would probably prefer downhill skiing to cross country but lack the $$, so if you know of a cheap secret gem of a mountain, I'm all ears.
-This would be from 2/12 to 2/16.
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Fahnestock Winter Park is awesome for wintery activies.
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Head four hours west-by-northwest into the center of the state ... there are enough hills for skiing but enough flatter trails for xc skiing too. In fact, just southeast of Syracuse in a little town called Fabius, you will find Toggenburg Mountain located directly adjacent from 20 miles of xc-ski trails. You're less than an hour from Ithaca, which has tons of winter hiking. There is also Greek Peak, closer to Ithaca, and there is probably xc-skiing nearby there too. Greek Peak is more resort-y though. Cornell put together a list of xc-skiing options in the Finger Lakes. The center of NY is a whole different world from the city ... affordable and accessible and beautiful. One thing to keep in mind though is that in NY state the kids have a week's break in February ... not sure if it's the same week you're traveling or the week prior, but if it's the same week you might find yourselves on some pretty crowded slopes.
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Lake Placid?
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Lake Placid?

Lake Placid is neither cheap (definitely not $100/day including lodging) nor secret.
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Lapland Lake (north of Albany) is pretty great for cross-country skiing.
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