Help! I'm running out of games!
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Please recommend some great puzzle/adventure/escape browser games!

Here are the ones I really like:

-Essentially all of the Neutral games (i.e., xmas escapes, RGB, sphere, lights, switch, vision.) [previously 2 3 4]
-Sagririo's Room Escape
-Tipping Point, chapters 1-4
-Loom Dawn

-#07 ML and Room Fake and are ok, but something about them (that I can't totally put my finger on) makes me feel a little like I'm trying to button a shirt while wearing mittens.

(BTW, I'm not crazy about the other escape games from, even though I liked Loom Dawn and almost liked Room Fake.)

I found the games I listed at the beginning of the post at jayisgames, and I've gone through a lot of the other games there, but the other ones I've found so far all have that mitten-wearing shirt-buttoning quality to an even greater extent than #07 ML and Room Fake.

I think this mitten feeling is due to some combination of sub par graphics, not a great interface, too much pixel hunting, and puzzles that are hard because they're counterintuitive and sort of arbitrary, as opposed to being hard because they require lateral thinking, logic, creativity, a lot of thinking, and so on. (The latter qualities are good ones for a puzzle to have.) [In the case of #07 ML, it is kind of nice-looking, but I feel like I can't get to things or areas I'm trying to get to, or worse, that I have to get to in order to play. Also, the way that you end up finding some items just seems kind of random to me.]

In general, I seem to like the puzzle-heavy adventure genre, as opposed to room-escape per se, hence my liking Tipping Point. The puzzle component is much more important to me than just experiencing a story, though. (Which is probably why I happen to be drawn to room escape games.)

Any recommendations for games similar to the ones I've listed? Basically, I'm looking for games with really good, creative puzzles that make some sense within the game, and photo-realistic, or at least really good (but not necessarily photo-realistic) graphics. A nice interface, as well as not so much on the pixel hunting front are good bonuses. (These factors seem be more significant as the puzzle and graphics quality diminishes.)

A couple other things: Game length isn't important -- short is fine, long and epic is fine too. I'm not so into horror or violence.

Ideally any suggestions would be, in order of idealness: (1) browser games, (2) free downloadable games, (3) Downloadable xbox360 and wii games (pay or not).

I hope I've given enough info (and not too many constraints) for you guys to work with. Thanks for any suggestions!
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There was a recent front page post with some adventure point-and-clicks that I enjoyed, except not photo realistic nor as complex as what you've linked (I've only tried Tipping Point).
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You've already found the best resource for these, which is Jayisgames. They have a new room escape game posted every wednesday. Here's a few I'd recommend:

Dismantlement Radio - Kinda like a room escape game with all the pixel hunting, and the room itself, taken away. A puzzle game whose sole premise is taking apart a radio that bears little in common with a real radio. Good fun. Also check out its sequels, with a "tea canister" and a computer mouse.

Next, checkout Mystery of Time and Space. It's one of the earlier games of this genre, and for the most part its puzzles are pretty logical. Best of all, for you, it has about 20 "levels" at this point. (I.e., the creator has made a series of escape games that link to each other, and which must be played in order.) So it should keep you busy.

Last, I'd checkout the "Best of" section of Jayisgames, which has its own category for room escape games. They have one for each year since 2004. 2009 probably wasn't the best year, but looking through 2008 I see some pretty good ones, including Casual Gameplay Escape, Charisma, and the "Great [x] Escape" series.

Have fun!
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I like the Jinja and Core series.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far! Keep 'em coming!

I was a rambling a bit (or perhaps overanalyzing) in my original post, but to boil it down, the most important things are:
  • photo-realistic or really polished & nice looking graphics
  • good puzzles that make some sense within the game.
(I think the Neutral games and Tipping Point both have these qualities.)

Short room escape games are great, as are long, puzzle-oriented point-and-click adventure games like Tipping Point. (I'm especially interested in the latter since Tipping Point is the only one I've seen like this.) Just as long as they're nice looking! I suppose I'm superficial in the videogame department. :)

It occurs to me that there's always the Myst series, which I'll probably try one way or another at some point.
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Eyemaze has a series of games with cute, elaborate, cartoony graphics where the object is to determine the right order to place objects on a field based on those objects' behaviors.
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Sentient: GOG recently added some versions of Myst that have been tweaked to run on modern systems.
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