No Goth Please... Make it Chic!
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Asking for a friend... She has an event coming up in which she wants to dress horror chic (not chick). She doesn't want to go goth. Where can I find examples of this style of dress? Examples of people who dress this way or websites that cover this would be greatly appreciated! I am clueless on this one.
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Haute Macabre might be a little gothic, but not too much.
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Zombiecon photos, perhaps?
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Maybe not quite what she's going for, but I immediately thought of psychobilly fashion. A little close to goth, but more fun.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the replies so far! It is not a formal event- more like an audition of sorts so while I do think Haute Macabre nails it- it is too fancy. We need more like casual horror chic...
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Maybe based on what Sean Yseult (formerly of White Zombie) wears?
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Make sure you check the archives - Haute Macabre do a series of sub $25/$50/$75 roundup posts.
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Best answer: I'd suggest something slightly unsettling as a starting point - a debauched Southern Gothic Tennessee Williams heroine, a 1920s starlet, Alice in Wonderland (nothing creepier than an Alice band), a Stepford wife, ... then tone it down until it's merely odd, rather than fancy dress.
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tippi hendren in the birds!
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