I wanna develop for the iPad but I'd rather learn software than languages
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I make multi-media pdfs. What do I need to know, do, watch, learn so I can make them for the ipad? I don't know anything about…

programming; I can do everything I currently need inside the Adobe Creative Suite and with Final Cut. Any guesses, blogs to read, companies to watch regarding the development of these or similar tool suites that will let designers design, editors edit, and either assemble their work into a finished and functioning ipad product without needing a "developer"?

All links, opinions, suggestions appreciated; thanks!
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btw, I've already read this (on Flash and Apple), and this (on the iPad and magazines), which were all very interesting, along with some stuff about html5, which was mostly not very helpful, and I know my question is basically about stuff that's all still to be determined, but I can't resist asking for the green's input asap; thanks again.
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It would probably be worthwhile to sign up for a $99 Apple developer account, which would give you access to the iPad simulator. (Assuming you have a Mac already.)
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Unfortunately the iPad simulator doesn't have iBooks, not even a browser either (unlike the iPhone simulator). Also there is no information on PDF/epub building on the ADC.
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The current SDK that supports the iPad is still marked beta, for what it's worth, so it's possible some of those missing items will be coming soon.
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If I'm understanding what kind of content you're talking about, then yes, there's probably hope for you. On the iPhone/iPod touch platform there is currently TapLynx which I think does what you want. It allows you to create an app based on a template without any real programming knowledge. I would bet that Newsgator (or a competitor) is probably going to offer a similar product for the iPad.
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Thanks for the TapLynx link. Seems there's also AppMakr, with a comparison to TapLynx here.
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Good article on Epub over at TUAW. Seems InDesign CS4 can output to this format. And that there's likely to be a lot more to come from Apple on how this will work and be made.

Thanks, everybody, for your posts. I'll continue to post new stuff I find here for a while…
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Here's a possibly interesting development that appeared in my inbox today: appOmater

Seems to be an anyone-can-build-one media-related-iphone-app-making site/app; no doubt iPad incarnations will evolve…?
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Another development worth following: RunRev RevMobile
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Probably costs way too much, but worth a look: Content Station
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And now, all those tools are going to be a breach of contract to use in iPhone OS 4. It sucks for all of us.
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How so?
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It looks like, according to the new developer agreement, unless you build your apps with the Apple SDK - you are breaking your agreement. So things like Corona SDK and the tools you've listed above are likely to be blacklisted.
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It's all tentative of course, but if they (Apple) ban the Adobe cross compilation - I think (I could be wrong) these other intermediary steps are likely to be busted too.
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Of course, I've been following the Apple/Adobe kerfuffle; very annoying for this committed Mac and CS user. It hadn't occurred to me that non-Adobe development tools might be affected, too; good point.

Not an expert on what's behind all these various tools, so I'm checking with the various developers that seem most interesting to me. Here's what the appOmater forum has to say on the question of the new iPhone OS (4.0):

The new rules do not exclude applications such as appOmator. However we might have to change our model slightly.

Stay tuned for info.

These guys aren't even talking about the iPad yet; as you say, it's all tentative and To Be Determined.
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