Ideas for multi hard drive block
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Ideas for harddrive enclosure with multiple connector types?

I travel around fixing computers and forever removing harddrives and connecting in to different PC's is getting tiresome, and often I dont have another PC handy, just my laptop.

I need a reasonably portable device that will allow me to connect a variety of hard drive types and convert to USB preferably. It should at least take IDE, SATA 2.5" & 3.5", and SCSI,SAS would be a nice to have. I dont mind some juggling of adapters but I dont want a PC case full of I/O cards and full size power supplies.

Any ideas?
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I've been using this adapter for a few years. t handles IDE and SATA . It's got a small power brick that goes with it.
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Ack. What the specs don't show is that it handles all SATA and both 2.5" and 3.5" IDE.
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This one, coupled with a few cables looks pretty comprehensive. It connects to your machine via eSATA.
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This device from OWC looks like a perfect fit, except for the SCSI part.
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I came to link the OWC page that 6550'd just posted. While I'm here, I'll just say I love OWC -- hell of a company, great support, fast, friendly, etc.

A++ would eBay again etc.
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There's probably some external HD dock that supports 3.5 + 2.5" SATA + eIDE drives. This one does 3.5 and 2.5" SATA (up to 2 drives at once if you connect via eSATA, but it'll output to USB).

I've seen external HD enclosures that do both eIDE and SATA/2 - if you just carry about the back end without the case, it should be an easy cheapo solution.
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The usb to IDE drive adapters sold at places like MicroCenter and Fry's are toys compared to the stuff by Wiebtech in my opinion. I highly recommend their
USB DriveDock.Alas, it doesn't do SAS or SCSI.
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