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Does anyone know a good font that would look similar to the handwriting Woody Guthrie used on his guitar for the phrase "This Machine Kills Fascists"? Preferably free, or at least cheap.

I'm planning on having this iconic phrase engraved on something I own, but I'm having trouble finding a font that would look very close to Woody Guthrie's handwriting on his guitar, as shown in this iconic picture. I've used a bit of Google-fu, but I'm coming up short.

Thanks in advance.
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Check out all the hand written fonts from Dafont. It looks to me like there are some that are fairly close.
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I googled "fonts that look like handwriting" and found some I thought were similar, but I don't know the logistics of which fonts can be used for engraving. Cool idea.

Mostly Mono
FG Klara
Domestic Manners
Tom's Handwriting
Hand Me Down
GF Matilda
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Best answer: Baby dont worry from Dafont is fairly close.
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Updated to have a lowercase t.
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Best answer: It's hand written in magic marker. Magic markers are still available and cheap. You don't need high-tech for everything. Seriously, really, you don't.
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(Here's something related that I made with a vinyl plotter [alt view]. I'll allow that it lacks some of the charm of the handwritten original... but to my tastes, more than makes up for this with snark.)
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Yeah I would hand-draw it, and if you need a digital file, ask an Illustrator-savvy illustrator to make you a nice EPS you can hand off to someone with a laser-engraving machine.

Twenty bucks, tops.
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Response by poster: Nagar - At first, I totally regarded your post as kinda not helpful and against the question, but upon further review, you reminded me that I'd made a font off of my handwriting earlier in the year. Why I didn't think of this until then, I have no idea, but I really like the idea of it being in my own handwriting now. So, thanks for the thought, even though you were advocating a more low-tech idea. :)

Plinth - that's a great font, and might be what I go with, if I don't use my own handwriting.

Thanks everyone!
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plaidrabbit, I felt really bad after I typed that, but unfortunately MeFi doesn't let you take comments back. I'm glad it actually helped.
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Response by poster: No worries - ended up working out. :) Thanks again!
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