Cheap girls looking for a good time
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Awesome, low-cost date ideas for tomorrow night in NYC. (And in general.)

Going on a first date tomorrow night (Sat) in NYC. For many reasons, I would love to not spend a lot of money: less than $20/a person is kind of a must for me. And I want it to be interesting, fun, different and memorable for being so. I know it's possible!

We both live in the Crown Heights/Bed Stuy area, so points will be awarded for something close to home. Though I do have access to a car so driving somewhere is an option.

Also, I'm really sick of doing "projects" as dates. I love to make lip balm and ginger ale as much as the next lesbian in Brooklyn, but it's not exactly romantic.

Help me not appear cheap when I really kind of am at this point in my life!
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Best answer: Javelin @ House of Yes
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#1: replace the word "cheap" with the words "on a tight budget". You don't have a meanness(2); you simply are artist-chic poor.

Wrap up ultra-warm, and picnic in the Park with warm food in an insulated lunch bag & hot chocolate in a thermos. Don't forget the tipple flask to spike the chocolate. Stroll, eat, stroll.
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Best answer: Also check out the Skint. It's a blog of cheap events.
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Response by poster: jckll, that is perfect.

Would love more resource suggestions like Skint/FreeNYC.
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Check this thread for event listings (many of them free or inexpensive) in NYC
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It's in Chelsea, but I always have a good time at the Upright Citizens Brigade . Tickets are usually $5-10 and they have $2 PBRs.

This NYMag site has a bunch of free nyc stuff.
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Uh, the UCB theatre is a *nightmare* on the weekends and they make you stand outside no matter what the weather.
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Response by poster: Read through that thread when it was posted, but missed skint. Already subscribe to nonsense (which listed Javelin), and nothing else really was that great from that thread. NYmag/Gothamist tend to post events I'm really not interested in.

And yes, there's always UCBT, though reserved tickets go fast and there's the whole waiting for 30-45 minutes in the freezing cold. Not something I mind, but not something I'd ask of a date.
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Along with Skint, you should also subscribe to the Nonsense NYC mailing list.
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Theater tickets for Off-Broadway can be purchased for $20 through the 20at20 program, which sells all remaining tickets for $20 starting 20 minutes before curtain time.

The same comedians who appear at UCB often get booked at the 92nd Street Y Tribeca or the Bell House, BTW (scroll down to 2/27 for Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, etc.). And a lot of the up-and-coming comedians will post their shows to the forum on A Special Thing.

If you like live music, check out Brooklynvegan's free show calendar. Brooklyn Academy of Music has also been giving away tickets to events via their Twitter account lately. The Living Room on the LES is typically free (with a one drink minimum) as well.

Or maybe visiting a museum might be more of your thing. Here's a handy listing of official free hours at museums in NYC (including who stays open late and on what days).

This Time Out New York cheap dates listing might also give you some ideas.
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My mum (I know, I know) sent me this a week or so ago. Might be something useful for you there... Haven't checked any of it out myself yet, though.
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Definitely not a traditional date idea, but NerdNYC is having a two-day gaming "Recess" this weekend called Nerd by Nerd East (schedule). Admission is $20.
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Response by poster: Oh, Conrad, if someone asked me on a date and suggested Nerd by Nerd East, I don't think I would continue going out with them. :)
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Heh, me neither! But it was the only thing I could think of that was cheap, different, and near Crown Heights/Bed Stuy! You have to give me credit for that! :)
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