Where do independent retailers meet on the web?
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What are the good, helpful, substantive websites where independent retailers hang out and share information?

You know - the usual request - AskMe for the local guy. Not places trolling some marketing gimmick with a discussion board or two, sponsored by American Express/Bank of America, or with some business-related political agenda a'la NFIB. Instead, looking for places where someone can post questions or browse discussions about stuff like point-of-sale software, small biz management, negotiating leases, store hours, small budget marketing, e-commerce for the small guy, etc... and where the conversation is intelligent and mostly non-ranty like MeFi. (AskMe's great for this, too, but there's that pesky one question/week rule).
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Have you looked at sites like IndieBound and BALLE?

A family friend wrote this book which has a companion podcast and blog. Maybe those could give you some more ideas.
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The Etsy forums are pretty good for this.
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My trade association forum is rather stinky and dead. Last month my business partner posted a complaint there about one of the big boys in the industry stealing our mailing list. Since, we've established solid relationships with a bunch of similar businesses via pm and e-mail and we are counterattacking said big boy in several productive ways. A little public whining and people with similar troubles will contact you.
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