Adobe Air Windows password storage problem
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Adobe Air on Windows XP SP2, any idea what might cause it to suddenly be unable to store passwords? A searchof the web doesn't seem to show this as a problem others on Windows are having (it does seem to plague Linux users, however).

I have the latest version of Air, on Windows. I primarily use it to run Twhirl, a Twitter client. When I logged on this morning, it prompted me for my password, which it never did before. A look in the log file show this (I X'd out my account name):

1/29/2010 11:58:29.213 [ERROR] twhirl TwhirlAccount - storing password for XXXXXXXXX failed, error: EncryptedLocalStore database access error

Another Air Twitter client, TweetDeck, doesn't seem to want to run at all and also reports a problem storing passwords.

I uninstalled Air and both Twitter clients and deleted all of their local storage and resinstalled but to no avail. I've always hesitated to use runtimes like Air but up until this morning I never had a problem with it. Ideas?
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Might not be related to Adobe Air, but if you're running XP SP2 and not SP3 + post-sp3 hotfixes, there's a good chance your computer has been pwned...
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When you say you've deleted their local storage, did you also get the files in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Adobe\AIR\ELS?
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Response by poster: This is a corporate environment, with a firewall, mandatory security policy and mandatory antivirus and antimalware. So while it's possible I'm compromised, it's unlikely.

I got all of the local storage. The applications seem to be able to create folders in the ELS directory but don't seem to be able to store any files there.
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I'm not sure if it will help at all, but you might want to run FileMon and take a peek at what's happening when it tries to write to the filesystem?

I know when we've deployed Air apps, we've used a special Air template we created but that's really just to allow users to update them without Admin rights and never affected them launching in the first place.
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