How to lock an input device to one display.
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Is it possible to lock one input device [mouse / tablet] to a single display?

I recently bought a Bamboo Pen & Touch - however, with a dual monitor setup, it's too sensitive roaming across two monitors when I'm using apps such as Illustrator or Photoshop.

Is it possible - or is are any software - than can "lock" a device onto just one display?

Lock Mouse Onto Monitor will do that for all input devices, but I'd just like to limit my Bamboo to my main screen and let the mouse run free across both.

Any ideas? [I've emailed Wacom regarding this as a feature in the next driver update, but reply. They'd probably just say "buy an Intuos" anyway. :) ]

I'm running Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit.
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erm ... my wacom tablet lets me (in its settings options) map the area of the tablet against a screen area (or part thereof) ... on either monitor of a dual monitor setup ... this was under vista, with the Wacom drivers ... haven't tried it under Win7 as I haven't needed to use the tablet.
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Maybe try devicelock? My job uses it to lock down usb port but maybe it will work for you. Sorry, I can't link from here.
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My Graphire's XP and OS X drivers let me map the tablet to a screen area, same as jannw. I haven't used Bamboo, but one of my coworkers just got one. Check the drivers in Control Panel (or whatever Win 7 calls it these days)..
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Response by poster: Um. Control Panel. Yes. It's own

Thank you. /Goes off to bang head against wall repeatedly/
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