Help me find Dennis Waterman
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I'm looking for cds or mp3s of Dennis Waterman music, but I can't find him anywhere except YouTube! I'm particularly interested in the theme song to New Tricks, but I'd love anything he's done.

Man, when I'm willing to shell out money for music why can I never find it?
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I don't see him having released nearly anything, when looking at and AllMusic. You could always feed the YouTube videos into Dirpy and download the resulting MP3s.
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According to his Wikipedia page, he was in the 2001 London My Fair Lady, which would make this a link to some of his stuff, too.
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You're not going to find [legal] CDs of Dennis Waterman as a solo artist as he hasn't recorded since around the time dinosaurs roamed the earth. If you go here you can find vinyl and cassette recordings, which I suppose you could transfer to hard disk.

I'd also point you this, from 2007.

"I have just received an answer to an e-mail I wrote to the BBC last week about them not releasing the theme tune to New Tricks, Dennis Waterman's It's Alright & they have said that they will consider releasing it if they get enough public interest in people who want to buy it, so if you know of anyone who wants the BBC to release this particular tune, tell them to write to the BBC, as the more people interested in it, the more likely it is to get released."

And this, from the BBC.

Q: Can I buy the Theme Tune?
A: The theme tune, sung by Dennis Waterman, is not commercially available, and there are no plans for it to be released.

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