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I just realized that I have 7 vacation days from 2009 that I need to use before the end of March or I will lose them. I'm considering taking a "destination" photo class somewhere for all or part of that time. I've already checked out the offerings at the Maine Media Workshop, but none of them really set my heart aflame.

Do you have any recommendations of where I might go for a week-long photo instruction retreat? I am very comfortable with my gear, but particular interests for instruction would include lighting (location and studio), maybe advanced lightroom and digital workflows, intensive photoshop, starting a photo business on the side (including the nuts and bolts of setting up a good website), and similar topics--with an emphasis on digital rather than film.

Saw this post from last October, but it is (somewhat) focused on West Coast offerings (and was not a whirlwind of answers). I'm totally open to going anywhere in the U.S. or around the world. There's also some shorter programs at the ICP during that time, but I'd love to go for more than just a weekend.
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Check out the Santa Fe workshops:

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I've taken classes with Stephen Johnson and James Katz. Stephen is a large format digital photographer and expert printer. James is an old school nature photographer. I had very good experiences with both.
I suspect finding anything before March might be a bit of a problem, most of the classes are in spring or summer.
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Gulf Photo Plus is March 1-6, in Dubai. Instructors include Joe McNally (lighting), Vincent LaForet (video), Matt Kloskowski (Photoshop/Lightroom), Joey L (more lighting), etc.

In the NYC, Jay Maisel does a week-long workshop which has almost nothing to do with studio lighting/photoshop, but it's much more about "seeing" and using light, gesture, and colour to make you a better photographer. See his site for a better description.

I saw Jay Maisel talk at PhotoPlus Expo in October and he was nothing short of inspirational; I could only imagine what an entire week with him would be like.
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Check out www.lighting-essentials.com.

It's not a destination class per se, other than having to go where he is hosting the classes, but he has great locations and you get hit with more knowledge then you can use in your lifetime. Don is a tremendous guy and an excellent teacher. Well, well worth it.
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