Looking for musical role models
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Help me find info on musicians who got their start at later-than-typical ages (especially over 40, especially women).

I'm in my early 40s and teaching myself guitar and voice. I may also take private lessons as I can afford to. Best of all, I'm writing a lot of songs. I'm having fun with this and would like to go further with it (on an indie, self-produced level). My SO is an arranger/producer/accompanist/collaborator worth his weight in rare LPs. All I lack are confidence, experience, and role models. Bring on the pep talks!
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Susan Boyle?
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I hear Paul Potts did it too.
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Definitely not a women but: http://www.musicianguide.com/biographies/1608003562/T-Model-Ford.html
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while they often start their disciplines early, something that got mentioned over and over again during the Daniela Dessi hullabaloo was that female opera singers mature into their voices, thus most of them aren't famous/well regarded until they are considered elderly by the clock of popular music.
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She wasn't quite 40, but Mary Gauthier didn't just get her start at 35 - that's when she wrote her first song.
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Cesaria Evora. She is fabulous and you should check her out too.
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I have nothing to contribute but ¡go you!

can you post back and let us know how it's going? can we organize a meetup when you get a gig somewhere?
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Malvina Reynolds.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. Keep it coming! I'll be heading to the library & Zia Records today.

Toodleydoodley, thanks for your kind words of support. I will post my mp3s on Metafilter Music when I have them done, and keep the hivemind apprised of gigs too.
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This list of Late Bloomers may give you some inspiration.

You should also read the works of Natalie Goldberg. She's famous now as a writer, zen buddhist & writing teacher, but didn't set foot in a buddhist monastery until she was almost and didn't write her first book until she was about 35, and even then it was a flop and she didn't really find her voice until she was about 40.

I'm 34 now, and throughout my naive 20's I always found comfort in that. I also find comfort in my sister, who is 9 years older than me and still living a full life - I realize that life doesn't "stop" at any age, and we can have all the same dreams and ambitions - and accomplish them - no matter what artificial limitation we may think is holding us back.

Personally, I think at 34 I'm more confident & skilled, and no less talented than I was 10 years ago when I was out gigging & recording all the time. What I have that I didn't then is a mortgage, etc. If there are fewer success stories in the arts later in life (but more in business) it's probably mostly due to a lack of willingness to take that leap of faith & cut the financial tethers.

That said, I'm a firm believer in taking an honest assessment of yourself & your abilities, and planning a solid financial future for yourself. Are you making art because you want to make art, or are you making art because you want it to make you money?

If it's the former - excellent. The world needs more artists. If it's the latter - just exercise caution, you don't want to be a wal-mart greeter at 65 because you didn't save for retirement.
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